A Beautiful Tomorrow

Clarence Bekker Band

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Beautiful Tomorrow

  • Beautiful Tomorrow EP - 1.Beautiful Tomorrow
  • Beautiful Tomorrow EP - 2.In My Mind
  • Beautiful Tomorrow EP - 3.Mr Policeman


Clarence Bekker Band

Some cats just need a couple of good chords, a charismaticvoice and a story to tell, in order to touch anyone’s heart in seconds flat. True soul singers don’t need any gimmicks or additives to project their essence, and undoubtedly, ClarenceMilton Bekker form part of that hall of privilege. Originally a Dutch citizen born in tropical Surinam, his career has ledhim on plethora of paths: he was the youngest member of the successful Swinging Soul Machine Band; also a stellar member of the 08001 world music collective; and has been a prominent voice of the very viral Playing For a Change project. Life’s trials and tribulations had removed Bekker from his blazing path, causing him to take two steps back temporarily. Only a few years later, he embarked again on a fresh new start, and back to a more humble “square one”. Today, he’s back full force with renewed strength under the belt to take the stage again by storm. Fortunately we have him back, with much more strength and with more notches in the butt to raze on the stage. Listening live you will forget that nostalgia of Marvin Gaye that we all have inside. You will return to illusion with the soul as if it were the first time. Listening to Clarence Bekker will make you forget any possible nostalgia inside you, and bring joy to your soul as if it were your first live concert ever!

Clarence Milton Bekker, Lead vocals

Arecio Smith, Keyboards

Francisco Guisado “Rubio”, Guitar

Charlie Moreno, Bass

Carlos López, Drums

Paula Domínguez – backing vocals

Alba Pérez – backing vocals

Leo Torres – Trumpet

Pol Padrós – Sax

Roberto Alberca – Sax

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